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All external locks should be BS3621 compatible
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Locksmith Spike Island services cater for all of the Bristol area.  Our services include both residential and commercial properties.  The locksmiths are trained and vetted to ensure a safe and professional service.  

We operate throughout the year day or night (24/7) hotline and can be called out for emergencies as well as pre-book for routine jobs such as upgrades and fresh installations for new doors and windows.  We carry a large range of locks and spares in our vans which allow us to attend to all calls regardless if out of business hours.

Locksmith Spike Island Services can provide British Standard locks (BS3621) which are a requirement for most insurance policies, as well as specialised locks such as Banham and Mul-T-Lock upon request. 

Locks, doors, and keys, just like many other items in our home, are objects that we all take for granted until we face a problem that is out of our control, such as being locked out of the property or lock failure (broken keys, mechanism failure). More often than not, it happens at times when we are least prepared for this eventuality. This guide aims to explain five basic points that are common to most homes and would be beneficial to the user when dealing with a locksmith.

What is BS3621?Cylinder n Key

Standardised by the British Standards Institution, the BS3621 lock is classified as a thief-resistant lock and is normally fitted on external doors. It stands to reason why most insurance companies require homeowners to install these locks on their properties.

What is a dead-lock mortice lock?

A mortice deadlock is fitted inside the body of the door in a predetermined pocket, which aligns with the door frame. Once it is inserted into the door, it allows for a cleaner, more professional finish to the house entrance and provides cover for the lock from interfering hands and the elements…

Spike Island is an area of Bristol, located in the city centre and surrounded by the River Avon to the north and west, and the Feeder Canal to the south. The area takes its name from a former ropewalk that was located there in the 18th century, where ropes were made for ships.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Spike Island became a centre for industry and commerce, with factories, warehouses, and docks springing up around the area. However, by the mid-20th century, many of the factories had closed down, and the area became run-down and neglected.

In recent years, Spike Island has undergone a transformation and has become a vibrant cultural quarter, home to a number of creative organizations and businesses, including art galleries, design studios, and music venues. It is also home to a number of residential developments, including modern apartment buildings and converted warehouses.

Today, Spike Island is a popular destination for visitors to Bristol, with its mix of historic buildings and contemporary culture. It is also home to a number of popular events and festivals throughout the year, including the Bristol Harbour Festival and the Bristol Biennial Art Festival.